Las Burras of Güímar

For those seeking a unique and very a different, Carnival event, head to Güímar, for Las Burras de Güímar.

Instead of the normal burial of the sardine, the people in the municipality of Güímar celebrate with a relatively new carnival tradition. It is one of the most original carnival events in Spain that has been performed since 1992. It is a theatrical staging that has its origins in ancient legends and beliefs of the district of Guimaras and the show which attracts witches and devils attracts a growing number of people every year.

Starting from Plaza de San Pedro, on Friday, 10 March, at around 9.00pm witches will dance along the street slowly turning themselves into donkeys. The animals try to bewitch the farmers and the surrounding onlookers, there are quarrels, as they try to stop the witches performing acts of black magic in honour of the devil, and the evil dance finally ends in an epic battle with the witches burning in the fire. Good always triumphing over evil.

The official poster depicting a naked woman kneeling before Satan has raised controversy, and following an uproar on social networks has been censored. Strangely, five years ago, the 2012, poster also depicting a woman baring all caused no such scandal.

Another a poster of Las Burras 2017 that is circulating – All very pagan, mystical and fun.

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