Sculptures of North Tenerife

A short while ago I wrote about the Sculptures in Santa Cruz that I love. It triggered a memory of when I was writing for an estate agent friend about certain towns where he had property and as I checked out the north of the island, I found some impressive pieces.

Everyone who visits Puerto de la Cruz knows the Fisherwoman. She is quite pretty, far more attractive than I imagine many of her trade and it is clever the way the fish fly out of her basket as she rushes to sell her wares but I’m not overly taken with the type sculpture that depicts people, it is the other stuff, the simple and unpretentious that I find fascinating.

Having said that there is a giant I’m fond of. She sits in a small park in La Quinta among the family houses, and apartment buildings, and she has a unique view of the Santa Ursula coast.

I learnt that in Tacoronte there is a sculpture of a Sardine Tin. It is outside the former home of Óscar Domínguez and because I had no idea it was there it was totally overlooked. However, there will be future visits.

I’m not sure whether to class the Fuente La Alhóndiga in the same town as a fountain or a sculpture but I love the lines.


The 30ft Whale skeleton in Los Silos is very beautiful and an insight into what life in Tenerife was like.


In Garachico, I hate the statue that commemorates the Derrame del Vino when local wine growers poured gallons of wine down the drain, in protest to the British monopoly of Canarian wine.

garachico sculptures 9

However I love

In the square in El Palmar the locals have to be fleet of foot unless they want to be caught by the devil. These statues represents an old and traditional event held every September when the villagers stage a dramatic confrontation with the devil.


Of course that isn´t all of the sculptures in the north, look no further than El Lago Martianez in Puerto de la Cruz or the Parque García Sanabria and don´t forget the South of the island….. However, that’s for next time.

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  1. Irene says:

    I love sculptures and very much enjoyed seeing all these photos—–and it’s good to know what they all represent. Friends of ours recently visited Puerto de la Cruz so I hope that they saw the Fisherwoman. Maybe we will get to see her one day, too!

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