On 28th March, we lost our internet and it still wasn´t back the following morning. We gave up, did our shopping, and finally during the afternoon, had to phone Telefonica. Anyone who has done this knows how awful that can be, but we eventually got through and at 7.00pm, they sent an engineer to the house, as they could not find a fault on the line. He looked at our router and everything was flashing the way it should, except the ADSL light. He checked our landline that was working fine. After wandered into the village and checking the central telecoms box he finally returned saying ‘You don´t get your internet through Movistar’. We said we get our calls through UK Telecom but thought our internet came through Movistar/Telefonica. He shook his head and said ‘you have been cut of by your supplier – not us’.

It was now too late to phone anyone, so shortly after 9.00am the following day I phoned UK Telecom to find out why we had been disconnected. The German man who answered the phone spoke perfect English and I told him the problem. He agreed you have your line through us and are in credit but not your internet. I read him a letter from early 2012 offering us ADSL and he confirmed that was correct but we had never taken up the offer. If we had, our monthly bill would have been something in the region of €40 but they only take €25 as and when needed. Therefore, I was not paying them. As Telefonica said I was not paying them either, it would seem that for the past 5 years I have had free internet, and suddenly someone, somewhere realised and snip!

I asked UK Telecom to increase my payments and provide us with internet access, which they were happy to do, but the paperwork necessary to get it could take up to 4 weeks, it used to be 3 weeks but with all the extra fibre-optic work!!

So how do you live without the internet? It makes you realise just how dependent on it we are. No access to phone numbers, (I don´t use a mobile) no email, no newspapers and no telly. The most upsetting thing was being unable to wish my friend Carol, Happy Birthday and meet Alan to share his wife’s book on her experience of cancer.

The upside is all the jobs that were being put off because they were a bit boring are now completed, the ironing doesn’t hang around for more than a couple of hours and we have watched lots of DVDs we haven´t seen for years.

Once online, the first job is making paper copies of all those important phone numbers.


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  1. Carmel McCarthy says:

    Wellcome back Meryl, I missed your posts.

  2. Alan Rigby says:

    Glad your back, I’ve missed my daily read lol x

    • Thank you Alan, fortunately RQM and Queenie had posts scheduled, it was just the weather I couldn´t get to and you wouldn´t believe the number of messages I had about not posting lol. xx

  3. william walker barton says:

    Sometimes I think that the internet is a curse but after a day without I start to twitch

  4. palmeyra says:

    Five years with free internet provision sounds like a very good thing to me, and worth a couple of weeks without it!

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