Yum yum – Trdelník

Just before we lost our internet, I noticed on Facebook that a couple we met while in Thailand were recently on holiday in Prague. As readers of this blog know, I love Prague and before I retired, work meant I visited regularly. So having seen Amanda’s comment that they had arrived safely I had to tell her whatever else she did she must try Trdelník.

As any visitor to the Czech Republic knows, you quickly become familiar with trdelník. You find it on every street corner, being made in shops or stalls, particularly in the tourist areas. They are a staple at Christmas and Easter markets, in fact, any large public event will invariably have at least one trdelník stand, and you will probably wonder ‘what the heck’ they are selling.

I first tried them at an Easter Market in the Old Town Square. I was enjoying watching the children’s choirs, dance groups, folk bands and other performances while wandering around the stalls and I spotted a woman doing something strange. She was rolling dough into thin strips, and winding them around a stick called a “trdlo”. The pastry is covered with sugar and cooked, over open coals until cooked golden brown and the sugar caramelized. While hot, the pastry is rolled in trays containing a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and chopped nuts before being served.

Children and those with a sweet tooth can choose to fill the pastry rings with chocolate or ice cream. I munched mine as the locals recommend ‘just as they are’ and on a cool day in Prague they go perfectly with mulled wine.

Image from internet

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2 Responses to Yum yum – Trdelník

  1. Robin Rumble says:

    Will try some when we are back in Prague , love the place will be our 6th visit, lovely people, food, beer and buildings

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