Boobs are not Everything

Yesterday I went to the Ocean View Bar at the Comodoro Hotel to collect a book that had been left there for me by Alan Rigby. A few of you will know Alan as I have published a couple of his delicious recipes. We had been planning to grab a coffee while he was in Tenerife on holiday, but after losing my internet, we had no way of contacting each other until I was back online. By then he had returned to the UK but left said book at the hotel.

It was written by his wife Shirley who I don´t know and it is about her experience of having breast cancer, not once but twice.

It is only a little book, you can read it in an hour or so, but what I particularly liked about it was the reality.

From page one you could relate to how this woman was feeling, the thoughts that went through her head. You were walking in her shoes, seeing the illness through her eyes, saying, I would think that, yes that would worry me, OMG could I be so strong …. So that’s what the treatment feels like.

When Shirley cried at losing her hair, you cried with her, particularly when she explained how it made her husband cry. I made a face as she fought her way through the smokers receiving treatment in the doorway of the cancer hospital and I smiled at her positivity.

I have so far not had cancer and hopefully will never get it, but I would recommend this book to anyone who has. It is so reassuring to hear everything explained in simple straightforward language rather than have to plough through the medical terminology on the internet. (I know you should really only listen to your consultant, but everyone likes to have a nosey around the internet to find out what is in store).

Shirley has only had a few copies of this valuable little book printed but if anyone wants a copy then please let Shirley or Alan Rigby know by clicking the links that will take you to their Facebook accounts. Alternatively, if you are reading this purely on my blog and not on Facebook, then let me know if you would like a copy and I will pass on the message.

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  1. Alan Rigby says:

    That is so lovely and touching Meryl, thank you so much xx

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