The Other Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular places to visit either winter or summer. Our wonderful climate and constant mild temperature together with almost guaranteed sunshine make them a magnet for people from all over Europe.

There are eight islands, if we include the tiny La Graciosa, next to Lanzarote, and some are more famous than others these are, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. However, you shouldn´t discount the others, particularly if you enjoy nature and beautiful scenic views.

The following are in no particular order and each has its own individual charms to offer the discerning tourist.


Perhaps the next best known is Fuerteventura. With no forests and a rugged and wild coastline, it is the second largest of the Canary Islands, where until relatively recently goats outnumbered residents 🙂  Fuerteventura means strong wind, and it is true that the island is in the path of the trade winds, which makes it ideal for water sports fans.

If you are a beach lover, this is the place for you. There are endless miles of white sand. Sea conditions vary from beach to beach; some are suitable for surfers, others, provide safe bathing for all the family.  Away from the tourist resorts, Fuerteventura is more relaxed than some of the other Islands, making it ideal for those who prefer a quieter life.

Image Hello Canary Islands

Image Hello Canary Islands

La Palma

Quieter and less affected by tourism than the other islands, La Palma is not known as “La Isla Bonita” (The Beautiful Island) for nothing. Its unsurpassed beauty includes incredible landscapes, and star-filled skies. At its centre is La Caldera one of the oldest National Parks in Spain and ideal for a day’s hiking.

The capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma isn´t the busiest of towns, but it is still delightful to wander down the narrow cobbled streets and admire the old colonial buildings with their wooden balconies.

La Gomera

The second smallest of the Canary Islands, La Gomera is an hour by ferry from Tenerife. The land is rugged, and high cliffs fall away into impressive ravines. El Garajonay national park is one of the most impressive in Spain and the whole island is a hiker’s paradise.

The inhabitants of La Gomera continue to practice the whistling language El Silbo, and schools have introduced it to keep it alive. It is a unique form of communication from years ago and which since 2009 has been added to UNESCO’s list of conservation-worthy cultural assets.

El Hierro

Nicknamed the “Meridian Island” El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands, and possible the most unknown. It has been by-passed by mainstream tourism and is a great place to relax and chill out. Not only is it the smallest island but here you can find the smallest hotel in the world. Hotel Puntagrande

The island isn´t renowned for its beaches, the coast is rugged and harsh, with inaccessible cliffs soaring 3000 feet up to the sky, and wonderful natural bays. But for those seeking outdoor pursuits there are spectacular walking routes, paragliding, and the crystal clear waters and stunning marine life, attract scuba divers.

Valverde the capital, also called the city in the clouds, is little more than a delightful village. It has no high-rise buildings and very little traffic, an enchanting place.

Image El Hierro Tourism

Image El Hierro Tourism

Whether you want to admire the mountains or glittering black beaches, gaze in awe as the powerful Atlantic waves crash against the coast, wander through enchanted forests, or by idyllic bays, a holiday in the Canary Islands offers an unforgettable experience.

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