Nature and Beauty in Tenerife

Tenerife is rich in beautiful landscapes that can astound you and transport you through time and space.

Today I want to share some images of different areas in the north of Tenerife from Anaga Atrapiés, a team of local explorers of history, culture and nature lovers of the island. Adventurers who know every inch of the Anaga Rural Park yet never cease to discover more surprises on every trip they make in this little area of paradise.

The Village: Taganana

Deep within the north is the Anaga village of Taganana, whose inhabitants have managed to preserve their natural and cultural personality. Vineyards and traditional architecture such as the Church of Our Lady of the Snows are prominent.

El Varranco: Antequera

Black sand beaches, cliffs, caves and coves that requires some physical effort to reach them, sit at the north-eastern edge of the island.

The Forest: Hija Cambada

A simple trail through the laurel forest covered with different plant species, including some striking trees trunks twisted and lopsided.

Taken from Puerto de la cruz xperience
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  1. Skeggy says:

    For me the very best part of the island a paradise for walkers…..

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