It is what it is

I had a message saying we arrive late Friday/early Saturday how about Sunday lunch. I guessed that meant I should try to think of somewhere, so told Carol to look at the reviews on Facebook where someone had recently asked that question and from the 14 replies, 12 had recommended Surfers Bar. I couldn´t even think where it was but Carol knew, she said ‘I’ve never eaten there but it is in a great location down near Reg’s place’, so I phoned to reserve a table.

In the days between, I read the reviews on TripAdvisor and they were mostly ‘exceptional’, so at lunchtime on Sunday, we headed to Las Americas and were looking forward to someone else cooking the roast.

My immediate reaction on seeing the place was it’s a sports bar serving food, not a restaurant. There wasn´t a single table free every one occupied by a Brit on holiday. Nothing local or Canarian about this place. I approached the waitress and said we had reserved and she replied, there’s someone at your table as you are early – not a problem friends turned up at that point and we went next door for a drink and wait for 2.30 to come around. However, before I left I asked the person who was occupying our table is it good – she turned her nose up and said I’ve had the all-day breakfast and it was greasy, don´t know about the roast.

Once back and seated, (the views from Surfers are lovely), we were given a huge menu and all ordered either roast lamb, roast pork and I said could I have the beef as rare as possible.

When our plates arrived they were loaded with a pile of mashed potato (is it just me that doesn’t serve mash with a roast?) two roast potatoes, a huge Yorkshire pudding, mashed carrot and swede and very anaemic looking broccoli. The lamb was shredded rather than sliced, reminiscent of toddler food, the mint sauce was minus mint, the gravy was thick which I like but a greyish colour and my beef was three slices on top of one another and had been cooked so long it was dry. No wonder the waitress gave a funny smile when I asked for rare. I was disappointed, but having given my broccoli, a roastie and a slice of beef to Ben, I almost finished what was on my plate. The mediocre main was made up for by the Toblerone cheesecake, which was very good.

Overall – despite the crowds and the long wait for food, the bar is clean, not expensive (€55 for 2 courses x 4 people including drinks) the staff were a bit Shaz and Kev but always pleasant.

Would I go again, the others all thought it was fine although Jim said he wouldn´t go for the roast, I would take some tempting as IMO there are much better places in Las Americas.

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4 Responses to It is what it is

  1. william walker barton says:

    Looks rough! Pasta y Vino not far away and serves great food not Sunday roast but really good Italian , their salad dressing is one of the best I’ve tasted

    • Wouldn´t have had you as a salad man Bill, did you get that recommendation from Reg? Next time I’m tempted to eat in that area I must remember Pasta y Vino 🙂

  2. Had a fantastic Sunday lunch following your recommendations at The Oyster Catcher .
    Really good home made food and great service .
    Don’t think I’d be rushing to the Surfers bar !

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