The Dangers of Too Much Sun

When Christine said those people currently going around in brown leather jackets are in real danger, I didn’t immediately grasp what she was talking about. You should write a blog and warn them she said. Then the penny dropped.

Getting out and enjoying the sun is lovely, especial if you are from places where it is limited, like the UK. However, remember, too much of a good thing can turn bad, especially if we are talking too much exposure to sunlight.

We had our first heatwave on the island in March and it is from now onwards that we will experience summer and the hottest weeks of the year. Nevertheless, you see them, skin uncovered turning lobster red and many love it. Over-tanning is a serious problem that affects men and women almost to the point of addiction. So, hopefully, this message is a timely reminder to look after your skin.

There are three issues with over exposure. Sunburn is the most obvious, that painful redness, peeling, and blistering you see as a result of too much ultraviolet light at one time.

The second problem is deterioration. Basically, too much sun lowers your skin’s elasticity and promotes premature aging, resulting in … people wearing ‘tough leathery’ jackets.

All those wrinkles just to have brown skin.

The most serious, issue is skin cancer. The more time you spend in the sun, whether consistent or intermittent, may lead to a form of skin cancer. The Cancer Council advises that sun protection measures should be taken once the UV level is above 3 (moderate) and in summer, just a few minutes a day is enough to give you any vitamin D boost you might need.

How to be ‘Sun Safe’

We all know the Slip, Slop, Slap message of the 1980s but over the years, it has evolved to a more comprehensive slogan:

Slip on a shirt
Slop on high protection sunscreen – Remember sunscreen is your friend and should be reapplied regularly throughout the day.
Slap on a hat – wide brimmed if you can
Seek shade away from the sun
Slide on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes

A day in the sun can be a healthy and enjoyable experience provided you take proper precautions.

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