Royal Beach Restaurant – Puerto Colon

It has taken a little while to get round to writing this as I find it difficult when friends are staying to sit down, get brain into gear and start writing. However with Carol staying for a couple of weeks we decided to go to Puerto Colon for a meal and a bit of evening entertainment. My first thought was to eat at La Pergola then move on to see Donna and Les (Innuendo) as it has been years since we last enjoyed them in the then Colon Beach.

I messaged ahead and found that Innuendo play every night except Friday at Royal Beach which has a lovely setting right on the sea front and the pictures of the food they served looked good – so change of plan, we booked a table and spent the whole of the evening there.

Carol and Jim had starters, a prawn cocktail, garlic prawns, and garlic bread. I’m so sick of never being able to eat a meal I passed on this and just had a drink while waiting for them to finish.

For mains Jim ordered the fillet steak medium/well with vegetables, Carol ordered the chicken in some kind of creamy, garlicy, Mexican, mushroom sauce, which came with salad and chips, and I went for a medium rare plain grilled fillet steak. The others said their meals were excellent. Mine, accompanied with a few chips was sublime.

As said I normally end up taking half my meal home and the dogs wait for their special treat, not because anything is bad, just because I can´t eat it all. But look at my plate!

As for service this was first rate, attentive without being intrusive but each member of staff was pleasant, helpful and enjoyed a bit of banter without being ‘in your face’.

It was nice to see Donna and Les again and have a catch up. I particularly like the easy listening music they sang while people were having a meal. Well they do start at 8.00pm unlike many entertainers who don´t get going until around 10.00. It is enough without making you want to nod your head or stamp your feet in time to the music, but makes for a good background atmosphere to enjoy your meal. I had forgotten just how beautiful Donna’s voice is, close your eyes and you would think it was Karen Carpenter singing.

Once people had finished eating and after a short break, things got lively with old uns but good uns like Mustang Sally and the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling so everyone was on their feet.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and will certainly not leave it so long until we do it again.

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