Marguy’s Restaurant & Rusty’s Bar Los Cristianos

Long before Facebook took off on our little island there was Tenerife Forum, the place everyone and I mean EVERYONE, including Mike in Chayofa, Slodgedad, Timmylish, and a multitude of characters, you either loved or hated pondered over the current topic of the day. Sadly, time passes, things change but not totally. One of those members was Kaz, she worked as PR in Bojangles, and organised forum meet ups and is now back in her old stomping ground at the Mirador strip.

This is a long and convoluted way of getting to why three of us called in for a drink on Friday night at Rusty’s Bar. The bar is relatively new, extremely friendly and because of this, we decided to return on Wednesday to their restaurant (not called Rusty’s despite being attached) but Marguy’s.

For a girls night out we booked the early-bird special, which runs from 6.00pm until 8.00pm and consisted of a starter and main. We arrived at 7.45 and both the restaurant and the bar were busy. Almost everyone was eating and at that early hour watching the Europa League final between Man Utd and Ajax. Despite there being football fans, it wasn’t rowdy and if you didn´t want to watch the footy it certainly wasn’t intrusive.

However, onto the meal – I had the garlic bread with cheese and tomato, Carol the garlic mushrooms. Both were good.

For mains, I chose the sirloin steak erring on the side of rare rather than medium and a mustard sauce, which was lovely and just had the slightest hint of curry. Carol went for the escalope of pork in a mushroom sauce both came with salad and a choice of potatoes. The steak was as good as any I have had despite costing less. Tender, succulent, and tasty. Carol had a small bottle of wine (you know the 2 glass size) and quite out of character I went for pudding – Tiramisu which I thought was going to be a pre-prepared concoction from the freezer but as you can see below – it wasn´t.

The kitchen staff did a superb job and seemed happy when I thanked them.

Service was exceptional, not because we were friends of Karen’s, we could see everyone was treated the same. Prices will be hard to beat considering the quality of the food served and as a bonus when the sun goes down the bar offers entertainment. We saw Lisa Makk and Arthur Petersen, who both went down brilliantly and quickly got the dancers on the floor. (Due to the coloured lights in the bar my images were rubbish so the two below are taken from Facebook)

This bar and restaurant are doing a great job, they are becoming so successful that I almost want to keep it to myself, but that is pointless, they are the new kids on the block that everyone is talking about. In the short time since they started serving food, they can hardly keep up with the demand and are in the process of recruiting an additional chef and waiting staff. I would suggest if you want to try them, you reserve a table. You can do it through Karen Brown on My Tenerife just make sure you look for the voucher to receive an additional 10% discount. For goodness sake things just keep getting better at Marguy’s!

Finally, the burning question that has been hanging around in the mists of time and to the best of my knowledge has never been answered ‘Is Zarion a woman? – Come on Tenerife forum give us a clue


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