Eat well but don´t break the bank – Los Cristianos

For those feeling a little homesick, there are an abundance of restaurants and bars serving traditional British nosh. For the more adventurous Spanish, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, and a good selection of food from South America can easily be found. Yet despite the huge choice and prices that suit all pockets, I’m not a huge fan of eating in the resorts. Many places are cheap, but cheap isn’t always best,

As the Swedes say… buy cheap, buy twice and
The Belgians talk about Stella Artois as “Reassuringly expensive”.

However, in Los Cristianos, there are several places that as well as being reasonably priced are also value for money. I don´t mean places like Casa Tagora, the Oyster Catcher or The Surrey Arms that are consistently good but depending what you have can be pricey. In this blog, I am looking at places within everyone’s budget and all located at the far end of Los Cristianos, close to the Arona Gran Hotel.

There are several small restaurants in this location that provide quality food including three-course meals for €8.95 and snacks for under €4 and of course, the view is not to be sniffed at either.

Charlotte Cocktail Bar

On the seafront next to the Sunday Market, this serves one of the best menu del Día I have come across, they also offer plenty of choice from the main menu. The mussels and the tuna steaks cannot be faulted; I particularly like their salads, some of the best in town.

Few meals arrive on a plate I kid you not. Often, food is served on a board or newspaper, all rather trendy. On an evening, there is live music not your normal tribute act but a guitarist who doesn´t intrude on your conversation but is nice to listen to while enjoying a meal.

El Pirata

As the name suggests this has a nautical theme, I think at one time it may have been the Moon Bar but so many places come and go it is difficult to keep track. It is a good place to sit if you like people watching as there is always a steady procession enjoying the seafront walkway particularly on Sunday mornings as they parade back and forth clutching their designer purchases from the market.

La Tasca 7

This restaurant is perfect if you want to watch the sunset over water. Its menu covers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and caters for all tastes, from traditional Spanish to your favourite chicken and chips. No wonder it has been around longer than most – it gets everything just right.

You can´t miss Joe, their PR, he is the tallest on the island, at 6′ 7″ and the most polite. All the locals know him and stop to chat and we regularly make this our watering hole for a coffee as the staff make a big fuss of my dogs.

Buena Paella

Been to Buena Paella numerous times and the food is always good.  Last time we had pizza, I’m not normally a lover but sometimes you just fancy something a bit different and theirs are superb. The crust thin and crispy and plenty of toppings.  An evening meal for three people including starters, wine, soft drinks and a barraquito cost us under €40.

Charly Bar

This is where we stop for a coffee when meeting our friend who works opposite. We have had a snack that was nice, not brilliant, but there is plenty of choice, prices are reasonable, and the staff are always pleasant. On an evening, there is live entertainment that seems popular, although we have only walked past heard the music and seen people dancing. This café isn’t great but there is nothing to offend hence it has been around for many, many years.

I hope the above helps people find tasty food that won´t break the bank.


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