Fiestas of San Pedro

Most people think that San Juan is the only Fiesta to celebrate the summer solstice but don´t say that to the people of Güímar. This town has its own way to celebrate with the Fiestas of San Pedro.

In Gúimar there are two different districts and on years that end in an even number the Fiesta of San Pedro is organised by San Pedro de Arriba on years that end in an odd number like this year 2017, the fiesta is organised by San Pedro de Abajo.

Around the 20th June the town starts preparations for the main celebration which will last until the 29th of the month.  A group of residents place three feathers, one on the church tower, one halfway along the processional route and the third in the church. From that time until the end of the fiesta the church bells peel the tajaraste* music of San Pedro three times a day at 9.00am, mid-day and again in the evening.

On the 27th, San Pedro is taken out of the main church and carried to the smaller chapel of San Pedro. The figure of the Saint returns that night, along the same street, but decorated with arches made from branches, flowers and fruit. There are the obligatory firework displays and a whole range of religious, cultural and sporting activities that continue until the 29th, organised by the fiestas committee of each street and the town council.

*Tajaraste is both music and dance typical of the Canary Islands. It has an upbeat, happy syncopated rhythm, made by tambourines, drums and chácaras (like castanets).  It is specific to Tenerife and La Gomera.  The dance changes from island to island depending where it originates and depicts stories of miracles and forbidden love!

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