Sit at the Mafia table

“La Mafia se sienta a la Mesa” Opens Restaurant in Santa Cruz.

I was so pleased to learn that La Mafia has opened in Tenerife as when on a short break to Saville we ate in one of their restaurants and it was a truly memorable experience.

(Image Saboreando Canarias)

The new restaurant La Mafia se sienta a la mesa (sit at the table) is in Calle José Murphy number 1, in the heart of Santa Cruz, a fashionable and well-known gastronomic area in the capital of Tenerife.

The Mafia se sienta a la mesa is a chain of franchises specialising in Italian cuisine that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. It was born from the admiration of the film directed by Francis Ford Coppola and featuring Marlon Brandon and Al Pacino. The culinary theme is based around discovering amazing Italian food, its impregnation of flavours, and smells, and a commitment to innovation that year after year La Mafia has consolidated in what today has become a great company.

The write-up I saw said that like all the restaurants in La Mafia group, the one in Santa Cruz is an establishment that not only pays tribute to Italy by offering its best recipes but also respects its traditional culinary customs. It is a 100% authentic Italian restaurant where the customer goes because they know they will spend an unbeatable time with family and friends. I just hope they open a branch here in the south and very soon.

Images below are from my trip to Seville not Santa Cruz

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