Culture, Traditions, Pilgrimages in July

For anyone wishing to get a close look at the Island’s most deeply-rooted pilgrimage festivities, and delve into the bustling atmosphere there is no better time and during July.

International Film Music Festival “FIMUCITÉ”

There are melodies we remember thanks to great films. FIMUCITÉ is held every year in early July and takes the best soundtracks from world premieres such as “Spartacus”, “Alien”, “The Dark Knight”, among many others. More information:

Canarias Jazz & More Heineken

Listening to the best jazz, in Tenerife has a huge following. The festival, held in July has with several stages in Santa Cruz, La Laguna and Puerto de la Cruz. More information:

Virgen del Carmen Festival

The celebrations in honour of the Virgen del Carmen take place in July and are the most important festivals in Puerto de la Cruz. Thousands of people gather on the fishing dock to watch the arrival of the Virgin as she is carried by fishermen onto one of the boats before setting sail on a maritime procession. Takes place the Tuesday before the 16th.

Traditional Charcoal Kilns

Another example of how Tenerife people survived in the past. This tradition shows us charcoal kilns in the municipality of Vilaflor. You can take this trip down memory lane in early July.

San Benito Pilgrimage

One of the biggest romerias on Tenerife, takes place in La Laguna on the second Sunday of July. There are various events throughout the month in Tenerife’s former capital and the festival has been declared of National Tourist Interest.

Traditional Threshing in El Tanque

Cereal threshing was a deeply-rooted tradition all over the Island, especially in El Tanque. The event includes a variety of workshops, folklore performances, photography contests, exhibitions and a delicious Canarian lunch. It usually takes place on the third Saturday in July.

The Battle of Santa Cruz

25 July in 1797 was a key date in the history of Santa Cruz. The day when a major battle took place against the troops of the British Admiral Horatio Nelson, who tried to conquer Tenerife. Nowadays, this major feat is commemorated with a re-enactment of the naval battle performed by locals and actors.

Traditions Day in Chirche

On the last Sunday of July, the local residents re-enact the chores, customs, farmwork and children’s games that shaped the daily life of Tenerife’s people in the mid 20th century.

Fire from the Cliff

Once every five years in late July / early August Garachico recalls the tragedy of the 1706 volcanic eruption by holding the traditional celebration of Fire from the Cliff, this provides a unique opportunity to imagine the terrific might of this geological phenomenon. Spectacular fireworks and incandescent balls are sent hurtling down the hill to commemorate the moment when everything changed in this town.


Source and Images courtesy of WebTenerife
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  1. David Newman says:

    Fimucite was moved to September last year we will be over again for the fantastic concerts with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra lead by Diego Navarro’s with many celebrity Composers performing. The young musicians of the Santa Cruz conservatory will also be performing in two concerts at the Teartro Guimerá. Well worth making the trip for.

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