Adeje Pilgrimage

In Adeje, the Patronal Festivals conclude over the weekend, with a Romería on Sunday. Hundreds of pilgrims from the south as well as other municipalities come together to honour the patron saint of Adeje, Our Lady of the Incarnation and her two co-patrons St. Ursula and San Sebastian. As this is also the last pilgrimage of year in Tenerife, the event takes on a greater relevance, and there is always a high turnout.

On Saturday, there will be events in the Plaza de España followed in the evening by a street party with music. On Sunday, the last day of the Adeje Patronal Festivals, as in recent years, the day begins with a cattle fair where you can see the oxen and cows that will later pull the romeria wagons.

There will be a special mass in the church in the Calle Grande and offerings of locally grown produce to the ‘patrons’. Following mass, the traditional carts, pulled by oxen, representing different groups in Adeje, travel up the main street. The procession, held since the 70’s is accompanied by music and everyone is in traditional dress.

During the parade, food and drink are offered to all taking part as well as those who come to view. Each year, Adeje invites folk groups from across the region, to participate adding, if possible, to the good atmosphere that abounds.

The Adeje romería has a long established tradition and it will certainly be a special day when pilgrims and visitors alike gather to enjoy an explosion of colour, folklore, and cuisine in this fun filled family event.

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