I have always felt the pull of foreign lands, but until my family were settled with families of their own these were only pipe dreams.   My husband and I first mooted the idea of moving to another country over a bottle of wine while staying in a gite in Siorac-de-Ribérac some 30 years ago.  I was obviously more committed than he was as every holiday we went on I would longingly look in the estate agents windows and dream of living in the sun.  Eventually the light dawned that I was not going to give up and completely out of the blue he said, ‘start looking for a new life’ – it was time to stop talking and throw caution to the wind.

We had never been to Tenerife, having always assumed, like many, that it was full of lager louts and loud music.  However desperate for some winter sun we came over and immediately fell in love with the diversity, people and way of life.  Tenerife was so totally different from our general perception.  Six months after that winter break we were residents and don’t regret the decision. Our life is quite laid back; nothing is done in a rush. Whenever possible my aim is to spread the word that Tenerife is much more than a sun, sand and sea resorts.   It is all things to all people, whatever you want from your holiday  or indeed your life, you will find it on the island.

However my blog is not just about giving travellers advice on making the best of the island – but it is a place for me to write about the things I personally enjoy, the good, the bad, the weird, in fact whatever happens to pop into my head.  It is the way I see things, sometimes opinionated, sometimes cantankerous, and sometimes cynical.

Why Now?

I always thought blogs were for the really clever folk, the professional writers or photographers, who would use them as a showcase for their work.  Then I have realised – hey I can do that, it doesn´t have to be slick, it doesn’t have to be written to please anyone but myself.  And it is seeing the number of people who have read this blog to date that makes me realise people are sick of the slick gloss that is churned out because someone is paying a dollar a word, real travellers want real experiences.

So what will the Red Queen find to write about?

My adopted home – Tenerife not just as the tourist sees her but also what it is like to live here. Warts and all!!
Travel – One of my great loves.
Eating – Oh yes, I will be adding reviews of some of my favourite places as well as recipes that I have adapted over the years.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog are the views and observations of the writer (that is me!) and may differ from those of the reader. I take no responsibility for your lack of sense of humour. I am not a travel writer and don’t pretend to be one. If you find any of the content to be wrong or inaccurate please advise  by posting in the comment section, but remember to be nice! The content of any external links used may, at any time, change this is not the responsibility of the writer.

Copyright Disclaimer : While I endeavour to make sure that all content used on this blog is properly attributed to the original owner, there are certain instances when I have no way of knowing if the images are free of copyright.  In view of this, if any images are found to be wrongfully used I am happy to remove promptly although in most cases, owners are happy to benefit from the exposure of their work.

22 Responses to About

  1. Mike says:

    Hello Red Queen
    We really enjoy your posts & slant on life in Tenerife.

    We are staying in Golf del Sur for eight months & need NIE numbers to obtain SIM card & dongle contracts & so on. Is there a list of English speaking solicitors in South Tenerife who process NIE applications on behalf of UK clients?

    Many thanks


  2. Francesca says:

    I found your blogs before I moved to Tenerife and I would like to thank you for your daily effort. You have no idea of how important and helpful your posts were/are to me and my husband. They are the first thing I read every morning. Thank you so much. 🙂

    (PS: I wish there was a similar blog/site for the North of the island – do you know one?)

    • Thank you for your comments Francesca – The only blog I know which is a good read is by a couple who live in the North of the island, Jack and Andy Montgomery. They are professional travel writers so it is a very different blog to mine as it is their living and mine is a hobby, but I am sure you will enjoy it, it is called The Real Tenerife.

  3. cramassy says:

    Hi there, your blog is great and I’ve learned a lot about Tenerife already by reading your posts. My partner has booked us a week in Playa De Las Americas, but….. I’d have preferred somewhere quieter! Can you please recommend a village or small town that’s more authentic and not so full of party people with cafe bar/ good food that we could go to daily? I would hire a car – or maybe try buses if recommended! 😎

    • Hi I would just jump on a bus at Las Americas bus station and see where it takes you, preferably inland. You don´t need to go far try Adeje town, plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants. A couple of stops from the resorts is Chayofa where I live, 2 restaurants and a bar, not much else but the Tasca do nice tapas, continue further up the hill to Valle San Lorenzo or further still to San Miguel or possibly Arona none of the journeys will be more than 30 mins on the bus but if you want to look at the shops avoid lunch time as they have siestas, although bars and cafes will be open. I am now away for a few day but let me know how you get on 🙂

  4. Gary mclaren says:

    Hi I’ve seen your blogs and write ups on TA,bringing my 2 daughters 30,22 over for new year ,wondered if you could recommend somewhere to bring in the new year,had heard about sunset something in adeje but couldn’t find it,any help

  5. stuart and marilyn says:

    hello again this is Stuart and Marilyn, sorry to trouble you but we have been trying to contact Paul Briggs about some work we need doing when we complete our purchase of the apartment on the 21st September, he is not answering his phone. I hope we are dialing correctly from the UK, we call using 0034922647039656, We were wondering if he had an email address that you might know, thanks again for your help and advice

  6. stuart and marilyn says:

    thanks so much that will be a great help we will call him
    stuart and marilyn

  7. Roma says:

    Hi. Thinking of renting somewhere for the winter months – where would you suggest? I don’t want the night club boozey scene but obviously will need some more laid back social life. Need to work everyday – is the internet good? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Will need to be going bck to london too frequently for client meetings so hopefully not too far from airport. Thnks

    • It is a great idea to get away from the cold UK in winter and I would recommend anyone who can do it does, however I’m not the best person to suggest where you choose. Personally I would stay outside of the southern resorts but close enough to enjoy the amenities. Where I live the internet is excellent but a couple of miles down the road it is not so good. I would therefore suggest if you are a member of facebook that you ask your question here on the Tenerife Forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/tenerifeforumcommunity/ where you will get lots of advice and possible even recommendations for suitable apartments. 🙂

  8. Baz Allcorn says:

    Hi I have recently joined your happy band of followers,I find your blogs interesting and informative.

    Keep up the good work thanks

      • stuart and marilyn says:

        hi there i have just read your really interesting perspective of tenerife we are in the process of buying an apartment completing late september is it possible you could give us a few tips with regards to local trades people in the south as we need a couple of jobs doing such as supplying and fitting a shower casing and getting security grille fitted for our rear double doors any info would be great we are not on facebook and twitter so it would have to come via e mail
        thanks a million stuart and marilyn

      • Hi Stuart and Marilyn, I find it hard to recommend people as we all look for different things, however I have been pleased with the work done by Paul Grigg, he has a building company that covers plumbing, electrics, painting, tiling and of course building. I have found him reliable and above all he comes at the time he says he will rather than leave you hanging around. 😦 You can phone him 647039656. I had a door fitting to my shower and went to Canaries and British Aluminium Systems in Las Chafiras, they also measured and fitted mosquito blinds for me so I think they would also do security grilles. Hope this helps. I am sure there are lots of others who would do a good job, but can only speak on those I have personally used.:)

  9. Ross dee says:

    Hi there , I went to your restaurant a few years back and absolutely loved it .my mother and father in law visit your restaurant twice in there 2 week stay every year . I’m asking for some help if possible . I would like to pay for there meal as a surprise on there first night they come to you but I’m not sure how or if it’s possible ?
    Look forward to hearing from

  10. Annakarin says:

    Hi, we are coming to Tenerife in the beginning of Mars.
    I would love to eat much fruits and wonder if there is a place to pick them self and buy.
    If not do you know whith one is the best and biggest when it comes to papayas and mangoes ..
    Love Annakarin

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