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Some Sacked Saints

I was checking information on Santa Ursula, the municipality in the north of Tenerife and saw a reference to the defrocked saint. It didn’t make sense. What could she have possibly done while wiling away her time in heaven to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas Everyone đźŽ¶

Dear readers and friends, I know that you come from all over the world, and some of you don’t celebrate Christmas, so it is a dilemma as to whether Queenie should mention Christmas or not. People have visited my blog … Continue reading

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A Great Experience

Have you ever had your cards read? I know not everyone believes in tarot cards, some think they are silly, some that they are a fraud and some believe – we are all different. With my friend Carol staying, I … Continue reading

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Banish the Bias

As a member of a couple of social networking website that specialise in connecting travellers, I find participants’ inability or unwillingness to provide accurate or honest answers to questions, extremely frustrating. This is not a one off, or just one particular … Continue reading

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The Canary Islands own Romeo and Juliet

Having published the story of mainland Spain’s Romeo and Juliet on my other Tenerife blog  I wondered did Tenerife had their own lovers.  Not quite, but La Gomera has…. The story of Gara and Jonay is a beautiful Guanche legend reminiscent of … Continue reading

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