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Nothing in particular, just a few general thoughts

Vampires in Tenerife

Most people think vampires don’t exist, well that is tosh because I have proof they do and they gorge themselves on human blood and carry out this god awful practice at unsociable hours. I thought my home was secure, I … Continue reading

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Dragonflies in Tenerife

While sitting on the patio something caught my eye it was large iridescence and moved extremely quickly.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera close to hand so borrowed this picture from the internet as it shows exactly what was flying … Continue reading

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North or South – The Big Tenerife Debate

If you have never visited Tenerife before, you may be wondering where to stay. The north and the south of the island are quite distinct from each other and the scenery is different so decide which half appeals most before … Continue reading

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Let them Talk

Today Jim and I celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary. There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, he made me breakfast in bed as usual, but there was time for reflection. Almost fifty years is a long time, for anything — particularly … Continue reading

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Relax – Go Camping

This blog has come about because my friend Kat who I have known since the ’70s invited me to like her page ‘Our Pod Adventures’. It is a small private blog for friends to follow her and her OHs travel … Continue reading

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