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Who is the favourite King?

At one time in Spain, there was no argument, it was Los Reyes Magos who delivered the toys to children but times are changing and according to a recent survey Santa Claus is just as popular. Whilst children may not … Continue reading

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Since I began my blog I have encountered some amazingly kind readers, many of whom have shared their knowledge and experiences with me. So I would just like to say, thank you, especially if you’re still here, you all mean so very … Continue reading

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Christmas time, the best bits

Of all the holidays, for me, Christmas is my favourite. As a kid, I allowed myself to ignore the reality that there was no Santa Claus. I can now divulge, I must have been around 18 before I admitted to … Continue reading

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The art of wasting time

I recently read that people who write blogs keep a spreadsheet of what they write and I thought what a great idea. I promised myself I’d make one because I certainly can’t recall every subject I’ve covered in the past … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Christmas

Yep, that word is starting to pop up again……. Christmas. Normally I’m one of those who gets a bit scratchy about the rampant commercialism and the fact that Christmas items start sneaking onto the shelves as early as September; however, … Continue reading

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