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Let me introduce you !

I have mentioned this guy quite a lot usually as OH but he does have an identity, this is my better half Jim, seen here with our lovely grand-daughter Tilly.  I always manage to cajole him into reading what I intend to publish so that as many typos can be spotted before ‘going to press’.  It is on these occasions that he has often said why don´t you write about this, or that.  Sick of his suggestions I threw down the gauntlet and said OK smarty why don´t you write something instead of just talking about it.  Well it has taken a long time but he has finally got around to it and I am happy to publish his first article which to save his blushes will appear on the blog while we are on holiday.
Treat him nicely he is a good guy and hopefully  if his article is well accepted I can get him to write more.

The relationship between a mother and daughter is quite fragile. It keeps changing and can swing from love to hate and hopefully back to love again. There are periods when we never seem to agree with each other, perhaps because we are so alike, but we have been fortunate, in our case the bond has grown strong day by day.  My daughter Kate, I think this poem sums us up quite well.

My Daughter  © Deborah A. Veysey
A daughter to a mother is like a diamond in the rough.
A mother to a daughter sometimes makes life tough.
She’ll always be your little girl, whatever path she takes.
You’ll often want to help her in decisions that she makes,
But you sit back silently, you have to let her grow
Then suddenly she’s a woman and she wants you to let go.
You hold on very gently so she can’t feel your grip,
But in your heart you’ll be there just in case she slips.
She wants to share her feelings, but you won’t understand,
When she comes home and tells you that she has found her man.
That diamond in the rough I will always call her mine,
But even I can clearly see this man makes my diamond shine!

Helen Barron – Helen and her husband, Dave currently live and work in Scotland.  For the past 15 years they have spent most of their holidays in Tenerife and have fallen in love with the island, particularly the all year round sunshine.

Approaching the age of “early” retirement they have found their ideal retirement home and all going well will be moving permanently in less than 2 years’ time.  It already feels like home when they step off the plane at Reina Sofia airport and they are looking forward to exploring in more depth the many facets of the island and playing golf without having to wrap up as if going on a trip to the Antartic!  They also want to enjoy the cultural aspect of the island and do some walking (gentle) to explore the varied landscape.  Helen is hoping soon to start her own blog to chart the various hurdles to moving from one country to another but this is hampered by her currently busy work schedule.

Pat Cresswell  is an Indie author he writes novels and short stories that are ‘Designed to be read by the pool, on the beach or apres ski’ – entertaining adult story lines that are easy to read, with enough action and adventure to keep you interested! And many are a little on the light hearted side.

I hope to add a few of Pat’s short stories to the blog on a regular basis.

Monica Biggs is one of those clever people you just hate.  Whatever she turns her hand to she is good at, she is a great painter, photographer, but also a nice person with a wonderful sense of humour.  After reading her emails of a family holiday in ROME I managed to twist her arm and got her to let me publish what they got up to.  I am hoping she will be a regular guest blogger for the Red Queen.

Update: Monica has risen to the challenge and given us the hilarious To bare or not to bare and Is a Hippy Happy?  and her latest is Ladies of the Night

Bambi Dhami is the choreographer for all the Decades shows at Vivo in Las Americas.  I met her at the Christmas spectacular (in June!) and we got on famously.  I think one of the reasons is because like me she is not the least bit embarrassed to admit that she spoils her baby Lulu a beautiful Shih Tzu.  Bambi kindly gave me an insight into what it is like behind the sequins and glitter and I will share them with you in Behind the Scenes at Decades

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10 Responses to Guest Bloggers

  1. Robert Hardy says:

    As a fairly frequent visitor I find this blog very useful and informative and one of the BEST sources of everyday weather info around! We stay mainly at Los Gigs because this was furthest away from the old airport the first time we went there. It’s still one of the quietest places on the island I think. We have stayed at the Los Gigantes hotel lots, but the last two visits have been to the Royal Sun, those balcony views have to be one of the best on the island, I could retire (again) and live there.
    We go to eat at lots of places in the area but one of the best we found this last time was Mama Lucia’s by the roundabout as you start to drop down into Los Gigantes. Extremely nice people ther, Dennis has only been running it for a couple of months and Adolpho is a super cook, their veal was LOADS better than some I have just eaten in Ilkley, and the Tiramasu was light and tasty, not like the English equivalent. If you are in the area call in and eat. I have no connection with them other than being a happy customer. Dennis got me the veal in specially and made my day. Will definitely be back!

  2. Hi Red Queen, I have been reading your blogs for a few months now and enjoy them very much, especially your restaurant reviews. We were very impressed by one particular review, El Jardin restaurant at Royal Garden Villas, so while we were in tenerife last week we decided to give it a try. Well, what a restaurant, the only word I would use to describe it was WOW, it was fantastic, in fact we enjoyed it so much we went back a second time. As the restaurant was very quiet, the head waiter Jorges ask how we had come to hear about it so I told him about your website and your daily blog, he was very impressed. He took all the details about yourself and said that he would get the PR person from the restaurant to get in touch with you to thank you, so maybe you might get an invitation back there !

  3. JOHN BREHENY says:

    Dear Red QUEEN
    As a owner on the island I just recently found out about your web site I have enjoyed the site very much, their is some informative and amusing stories. I visited your restaurant section and was very surprised to see your report regarding Carlos restaurant in Puerto Colon. It is a restaurant myself , wife and friends use on a regular basis and we find the staff extremely friendly, we cannot believe that did not accommodate you and your party. Perhaps you should give it another go and write another review I am sure you will not be disappointed. Keep up the blogs etc look forward to your future reviews.

    Thanks John B

    • Hi John
      Thank you for your comments, however at the end of the day a review on a restaurant is only a personal opinion. I have had a lot feedback on this and I really don´t understand why my 1 review which did not say it was bad just average should cause so much concern when the restaurant gets so many good reviews.

  4. Tricia says:

    Jim you will have to do more ,I enjoyed reading that

  5. Campbell Brodie says:

    Jim’s blog was great! That took me back to 1971 when I joined as a 16 year old Junior Leader in the Royal Engineers. Ah! Memories, thanks for sharing Jim!

  6. selina says:

    I don’t understand how you can have K9 and Aktiontier on here on the same page as circo de mundial.
    I am sure they do not condone the animal cruelty that goes on in these places.
    How can anyone take their children to see the cruel way that humans can treat wild animals.
    Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Crocodiles kept in small confined cages with little or no exercise .
    Taken around just to do tricks for us…….The sooner this cruel so called show is stopped the better.
    I would love to take my daughter to a circus with acrobats and magic shows involving humans but sadly I only see this sad cruel thing happening year after year here.
    Please don’t condone this and help to stop this sad, cruel circus continuing.
    Regards Selina

    • Hi Selina,

      I am assuming your comment refers to the Things to do in June post. While I personally agree with you about performing animals, there are many people who don’t. I try to add everything I can to the list of things to do without being biased and not just informing on on my own preferences.

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