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Callao Salvaje – Costa Adeje

Today we called into the small, mainly residential, resort of Callao Salvaje. It is part of what is known to tourists as ‘Costa Adeje’ and is located 8km from Playa de las Americas. Originally a small village, it has undergone … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of a tourist – North Tenerife

I thought it might be fun to see Tenerife through the eyes of a tourist rather than a local. So let’s start with the north of the island. This adventure is too much for one visit so it is probably … Continue reading

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Healthcare in the Canary Islands

I have said on several occasions that the healthcare, particularly in Tenerife, is excellent. Below is a chart showing you how to access the system as a permanent resident of Spain. Follow the flowchart to find out which situation matches … Continue reading

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Finca El Malpaís

In the Canary Islands the land, which predominantly consists of stony volcanic lava, is known as malpaís, meaning literally bad land. It is a local word, that has its origin in the French “mauvais pays” a description given by the … Continue reading

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Do not forget your EHIC

Your holidays are booked and you are looking forward to the adventure, but what if you suddenly need medical help. Don’t forget as an EU citizen, (at least for the time being) if you unexpectedly fall ill during a temporary … Continue reading

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