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Books Set in the Canary Islands

I love reading, and always have a book on the go so was thrilled when recently I was sent a book by Peter Stone called The Canary Islands, Cultural History. I initially thought it might not be my sort of … Continue reading

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Time to Put Away the Christmas Decorations

After the last gift is unwrapped, the Christmas chocolates are eaten, and the last guest heads home, it’s time for the depressing task of packing up your holiday decorations. First things first, you need a healthy dose of motivation when … Continue reading

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An easy walk in South Tenerife

As the weather turns cooler, it is easier to go out walking during the day. If you read the rambling experts, you think you need to be fit and athletic to tackle most of what they describe. And admittedly that … Continue reading

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Teide National Park – Tenerife

Earlier this year having been up the Aerial Tramway in Palm Springs made me think about our own highlands and their beauty.  I was about to write something about Teide then remembered I did this a long time ago.  In my opinion it says … Continue reading

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A Glass Of Wine Makes Life More Enjoyable

As many readers of this Tenerife blog know I am teetotal and whilst it has been whispered (albeit behind my back) that I must be alcoholic the truth is I am actually allergic to alcohol. I used to enjoy the … Continue reading

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