Just Tenerife

In order to make it easy to find what specifically interests you, I have included several pages where you will find information on ….

Arriving and Departing

As a tourist, one of the first questions is how do I get from the airport to my hotel or apartment hopefully the information here will answer a few of your questions about Hire Cars, Taxis, Buses and Transfer Companies.

General Information

On this page you will find information regarding the weather, shopping, banks and emergencies in fact a multitude of questions are answered here.


Tenerife offers some great days out. In this section you will find ideas to fill your holiday these including Loro Parque, Masca, Monkey Park Zoo, Siam Park, Teide National Park and a whole heap of others you may not have even heard of. There are also sub-sections that include MarketsMuseumsTheatresTours and Excursions Nightlife and Sporting activities

Depending which month you are visiting there is always something to do as Tenerife is an Island of Festivals or check out the category Current monthly Things to Do this should give you a multitude of ideas, it is publish a few days before the end of the upcoming month.

For those considering moving to Tenerife have a look at the category Tenerife Living where I describe my experiences visiting hospitals, getting an NIE, finding tradesmen, selling property and just life in general. Or perhaps you want to see Tenerife Towns tourists may not know but worth a visit

I hope you find what you are looking for and enjoyed visiting the Red Queen and I look forward to you popping back regularly.

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28 Responses to Just Tenerife

  1. Hello, I really like your honest style of writing! Nicely laid out blog too. I have a question… I want to spend next winter in tenerife or somewhere in the canaries if we can’t get something suitable in tenerife.. As we can’t do another stormy winter in Ireland!! Anyway I will be bringing my 2 little girls, husband and my mother. There is a house in Abades for 600per month which we can afford but I was worried that it might just be a bit too quiet there for us. Is there somewhere you would recommend for families? My mother is in her 70s but very adaptable. I would need a good internet connection to work too.
    Any advice is appreciated!! Thank you.

  2. Laura chittock says:

    Thanks for the info
    Do u know any thing about Bahía de los Menceyes? That is where we are looking to stay ! X

    • The only thing I know about it is that from the outside it looks red and rusty!! but apparently the apartments are supposedly beautiful and very very expensive to buy. Depending where the apt is that you are looking at the views could be superb looking out across the ocean. You will also be very close to the Bahia Beach Bar so not far to stagger after a few cocktails by the sea lol.

  3. Laura chittock says:


    Just looking on here and love your blog!! Can you give a little advice, palm mar for 2 weeks Christmas and new year or go with our usual stop calleo salvaje further up. Worried palm mar will be a little quiet and we’ve often found that further up the cost even only as far as calleo seems to be better weather wise, less windy even. What you reckon x x

    • Hi Laura, Everyone has different preferences, I think of late Palm Mar has a lot to offer. There are several nice restaurants and the new beach bar. But I also think that you need to hire a car if you are to make the most of your holiday as the buses to PM are not that great. On the other hand if you are used to Callao then it might be nice to have a change of scene.

  4. Jo Hind says:

    Loving your blog 🙂
    We are due to fly to Las Americas on 28th Feb for one week.
    Can you please advise if the weather is suitable for sunbathing. From the forecasts I’ve seen I believe it will be but my partner thinks not, can you please advise?
    Thanks so much.

  5. Jay Gould says:

    Hi, Glad I found you; hoping for a good source of information!

    Traveling alone.

    I fly to Las Palmas on Feb 27 and stay for two nights.
    A ferry to Tenerife Mar 1 for eight nights.
    Back to Maspalomas Mar 8 for the week long festival before returning to Lisbon on the 17th.

    First and foremost, where would you recommend staying in the greater Santa Cruz area. Are there gay only, gay friendly, and if both those fail a nice reasonably priced place!

    Any advice regarding getting into safe trouble greatly appreciated! 🙂

    Cheers, Jay

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi I’m flying to tenerife in 2weeks time been here loads of time but usually come in August, could you ruffly tell me what the weather going to be like please thankyou Sarah

  7. aggle says:

    Brilliant blog, keep up the good work, We will be out for Christmas this year, do you know if Vista AL Mar or La Gran Paella open for Christmas day food. Have tried looking on google but cannot get any email addresses or opening times. Hoped perhaps you might know. Kind regards


  8. nelekemaene says:

    I’m really happy you answerd my question in tripadvisor and gave me the link to you’re great blog !! We’re really looking forward to spend a week ( 24-31 december ) in El Medano – it’s ou’re first ‘ real ‘ trip without kids , in fact it’s ou’re ( two years postponed because of my illness ) honeymoon. Since we will be staying with a friend , we have to find places to eat, ( please, not loud karaoke bars, English or Belgian food-bars or pubs , we want the real local things ! I have been looking for transportation from the airport to El Medano ( I have a soot-mobile ( electric wheelchair ) so a normal taxi is no option ) But if you ca give us information about places to eat, if there is something on Christmas , markets, things typical for Tenerife , nice places to drink something at night, tips for things to buy ,….. everything is welcome , I would reaaly appriciate it – more than all the tourist guide books , there all the same , and that’s not what whe are looking for… The only thing that’s not so easy is me… I need my wheel chair ( but I hope that the weather will do me a lot of good- the doctor told me so – and maybe I will be able to make some -short, with a stop to drink something in between-walks 🙂 )
    Whe’re counting the days……and reading you’re nice blog !!!
    Nele ( chivering unther my blankets in a very cold, wet, dark Belgium)

  9. TrashBash says:

    Hi Queenie, I want to travel in mid december for a short winter sun holiday. I have looked and had various info on the weather (which is understandable seeing as its a touch and go concept) but in your experience, what kind of weather should I expect in tenerife? Cold? Warm? beach wear appropriate ?

    • You should certainly be able to spend part of your day on the beach, temps are normally in the low to mid 20s so back t-shirts and shorts for through the day and a cardi or wrap to slip around your shoulders for eating outside at night.

  10. Joselyn says:

    Hey, I just came over to your site via facebook. Not somthing I would normally read, but I liked your thoughts none the less.

  11. Allen Serravalli says:

    You’re an excellent blogger. I have joined your feed and I’ve shared your site in my social networks

  12. The Deal Mommy (@TheDealMommy) says:

    Just wanted to leave a note of thanks as you sent me a bunch of info via tripadvisor a few months ago and I’m finally going through it with amazement. You have saved me SO MUCH WORK! 12 days and counting…I’m a blogger as well but what you’ve created here is a real treasure!

  13. Nora J says:

    Terrific work! That is the type of information that is meant to be shared around the net. Come on over and look at my site . Thanks =)

  14. EK 2012 says:

    This is a great weblog!!! I like your site very much and I’ll subscripe to it if you post more articles like this!

  15. Carolyn Galarneau says:

    It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. Thanks for sharing.

  16. loe says:


    I stumbled upon your web-site and enjoyed reading your postings.

    My wife and I are just back from our 4th visit to this wonderful Tenerife, but it was the first time we rented an apartment in the south. In the past we stayed at a hotel in Puerto and twice in Santa Cruz, and we wanted a change, mainly because of previously encountered parking problems.

    This year we were in San Blas, Golf del Sur, however we had the impression of residing in England, with waitresses from Glasgow, Irish pubs, full English breakfasts and football on large screens or karaoke nights in the cafés, etc.
    As we are not joyful British but dull Belgians it did not appeal to us.

    We are looking around the island for a place to hibernate (in a few years, when we are 65) and, although in the north and the east the scenery is much more beautiful, the sun of the south convinced us.

    We have seen San Juan, the promenade seemed OK but not very lively and a lack of restaurants; we thought long about El Medano, a right mix of authentic town with a promenade, beaches, surfers, the Montana Roja for sport and mojitos at el Timon, but my wife developed a headache from the constant wind. So on the last day of our stay we visited Las Galletas and have decided to give it a try for a fortnight next year.

    As you were friendly enough to share your thoughts on towns with your readers, I could provide you with an idea for an outing if you like to walk a bit : In Puertito (not the one you described, that we missed and will visit next year) but Puertito de Guïmar : there is a exceptionally impressive walk in the Malpais (on the sea-front go out of town to the left), a very agreeable bar under the trees on the port and a few places to eat correctly.

    As Tenerife is not especially known for his haute cuisine I appreciated your restaurant suggestions: I will surely make use of your information. We found these few worth a detour as Michelin would say, the food of course is Canarian as I don’t really care about steak and chips.
    In Vilaflor in restaurant Casa Pana we had a filling Escaldon/a fresh salad and 2 servings of a very tasty goat casserole (with 1l tinto, water, bread, papas & coffee €47,30 for the two of us). The restaurant consists of a number of cosy small rooms with a few tables in each and a terrace covered with vines.
    In San Miguel in la Tasquita de Nino under a wooden roof : 2 tapa appetisers, 2 veggie starters, 1 stuffed spinach (vegetarian) and 1 leg of lamb, papas, 1 postre, 2 coffee, bread, wine & water for €45,05/2.
    The setting and decoration of El Burgado in Buenavista del Norte was much better than the food, but the white house wine was really awful. (didn’t keep the details but around €60/2).
    Champion for inexpensive food that tastes all right : the Menu del dia (choice of 8 dishes including tender chocos, paella & several nice fishes à la plancha) at €7 with no supplement for the papas and mojo, postre and coffee at el Timon in El Medano. (€22/2 with drinks).

    Humbly at your service,


    • I am not surprised you found Golf del Sur very British, you may have been happier in Costa del Silencio. The area known as Tenbel, one of the first resorts on the island TEN as in Tenerife BEL as in Belgium so there are lots of your countrymen in this area. I will certainly look at visiting Puertito de Guimar thank you for the tip.

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