More information on Phase 2

As you can imagine since I posted about what we can do in Phase 2 I have been inundated with questions. I posted the parts that I thought would be of interest to most of the public but it seems that many want specifics as well. For whatever reason, despite adding the link to the BOE they don’t read it, can’t understand it, or just want their own opinion verified.

I won’t repeat what was already said, you can check that out in the link above, but here are a few more details.


  • Those who can continue to work from home are encouraged to do so. The safety distance of 2m must be guaranteed or where appropriate adequate PPE used according to the level of risk.
  • In the workplace, soap and water, hand sanitizer or disinfectants must be permanently at the disposal of staff and customers and daily cleaning and ventilation of the premises must be carried out.
  • Rosters, shifts and work schedules should be amended to maintain the 2m social distancing not just for staff entering and departing the premises but also in rest areas, locker rooms and toilets.
  • Management must ensure work areas are cleaned frequently and approved disinfection measures are taken with particular attention to common areas (toilets, kitchens, rest areas) and all contact surfaces (doorknobs, tables, furniture, handrails, floors, telephones etc). In the event of a job shared by two people, cleaning and disinfection of the area must be carried out before the next worker begins.
  • The use of the lifts will be limited and preference given to the use of stairs although in cases of people who can’t use stairs an exception is made.
  • Toilets – Where their use is permitted by customers, visitors or users, maximum occupancy will be one person except in cases of people who may need assistance their companion is allowed to accompany them.
  • Paper bins shall be available in which tissues/wipes and other disposable items can be deposited. The bins must be cleaned at least once a day.

SHOPPINGSee Commerce, in addition, I may not have added the following.

  • Payment by card is encouraged avoiding, as far as possible physical contact. The machine must be disinfected after each use.
  • The use of family toilets and baby changing rooms will be restricted to a single family.
  • Customers will only be allowed in common areas to enable access to the shops, bars and restaurants located in the centres.
  • Hygiene in all premises will be strictly followed. Cleaning and disinfection of all areas must take place at least twice a day (one at the close of day) with special attention to the most common contact surfaces (doorknobs, counters, tables, furniture, handrails, dispensing machines, floors, phones, keyboards, payment terminals, touch screens, work tools, shopping trolleys and baskets etc).
  • Automatic sales – vending machines, laundry facilities, self-service etc the management must ensure adequate hygiene and disinfection of the machines and premises.
  • In the case of services that do not allow safe distancing such as hairdressing salons, the appropriate PPE must be used and the 2m distance must be maintained between clients.
  • In clothes shops changing rooms should be used by one person only and after use they must be cleaned and disinfected.
  • When a customer tries on a garment that they subsequently do not purchase, the garment must be sanitised before it is offered again for sale to other customers. This also applies to items returned.
  • No testers of perfumes, cosmetics etc shall be available.
  • Commercial premises that have car parks for staff and customers where access is not by an automatic system will be replaced by a member of staff who can also monitor the staggering entrance/departure of workers according to shifts set by the centre.
  • In the parking area, in addition to the continuous disinfection of the usual contact points, hand gel must be made available to the client.
  • Payment by electronic means will be encouraged.


  • Bars and restaurants can open for eating and drinking on the premises as long as they do not exceed 40% of the capacity permitted for their size.
  • Take-aways will be allowed.
  • Self-service products are allowed provided the customers can select them for themselves and provided that the products are protected by a screen and are packaged individually.
  • Single-use tablecloths or materials must be used.
  • Dispensers of hand gels or disinfectants must be made available at the entrance to the premises and in bathrooms.
  • The use of printed menus must be avoided and replaced with electronic devices, blackboards, posters or some other technology, for example, WhatsApp.
  • Disposable single-use products will be used (oil, vinegar, napkins etc).
  • Crockery, glassware and tableware must be stored in a closed area as far away from customers as possible.
  • Entry and exit of customers must be controlled to prevent contact between customers.
  • The use of customer toilets must comply with hygiene and disinfection standards.
  • The waiter/ess must guarantee the safety distance between them and the customer.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment, in particular tables, chairs and other contact surfaces between one customer and the next must be followed as well as cleaning and disinfection of the premises at least once a day.
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation can be opened to the public to use their common areas provided that they do not exceed 1/3 of their capacity. They will comply the same as bars and restaurants.
  • Enclosed spaces where events are held should be ventilated two hours before use.
  • Animation activities or group classes should be planned with a maximum capacity of 20 people and the minimum safety distance between participants otherwise masks must be used
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Protocol for beaches open tomorrow!

So what do we know about the beaches that will be open from tomorrow?

Las Teresitas, the main bathing area of Santa Cruz, will open on Monday. It will probably be divided into four sectors so that users can be directed to avoid overcrowding. It is also looking at reserving a space for the exclusive use of people over 70 years so they don’t have to mix with other users. As for kiosks, these will remain closed, as their managers prefer to be cautious and wait to be profitable.

The Council has not yet decided on the criteria to be applied in the rest of the bathing areas of the chicharrero coast since the control of Las Teresitas means assigning a significant number of troops. The Red Cross and rescue service, as well as the Local Police and Civil Protection volunteers, will be strengthened. The Natural Environment Unit (UMEN) agents will be in charge of the control of Anaga’s beaches to guarantee safety.

The Council of La Laguna has four bathing areas: La Punta del Hidalgo, Tejina, Bajamar and Valle Guerra. The latter will also be given the status of a natural pool. The municipality intends controlling the capacity in bathing areas and delimiting the space for shared use and for this there will be a person in charge of controlling the number of people who access the pools, which will serve to guarantee safety. However, in the case of beaches such as San Juanito, the council will continue to maintain the security fence at the entrance to the bathing area and will only allow access to residents and users of the club.

People who want to bathe on the beach of La Nea, Radazul or in Tabaiba will have to do so by an appointment system in which they must choose a slot. These will be complemented by the presence of the Local Police, Civil Guard, Civil Protection and private security, which will control gates and accesses and with the installation of signage on the main entry routes. The hours allowed for recreational bathing or sunbathing have been divided into three different time bands to allow for the rotation of bathers and, most importantly, subsequent cleaning and disinfection: from 7:00 to 10:00, from 11:00 at 2:00 and 3:00 to 6:00. Those wishing to make an appointment can do so on the website choose the day, the time and the bathing area (La Nea, Radazul or Charco de Tabaiba) enter your name and ID and you will be assigned a place, as long as the maximum capacity of the chosen area has not been reached. Smoking will be prohibited at all times.

The mayor explains “we are not going to allow images like the ones we have seen on television of Barcelona beaches.” Therefore, the total capacity, calculating safety distance is 686 people at the same time on the whole of the coast, so controlling access is essential.

In Güímar access to the beaches will be done in two different ways: through face-to-face control at the entrance to the beach and through a mobile app. Through the app, you download a QR code valid for a specific day which will reserve a 4sqm plot per person for two hours, which can be extended. With this measure it is intended that everyone can have access to the beach, avoiding chaos and possible sanctions. From Monday, Güímar will have the following areas El Puertito, El Socorro, Punta Prieta and La Caleta open.

In Candelaria, the following beaches will be opened to the public and the capacity of each is shown. 100 people Las Caletillas: 120 Punta Larga 1: 250 Punta Larga Larga 2: 30 in La Hornilla: 20 in Los Guanches and 55 in the two areas of Playa La Viuda. The hours will be from 8.00 to 10.00 for sports activity. 10.00 to 13.30, recreational use. From 2.30 to 6 pm, recreational and sports use. Masks should be used at all times. There are private services of hammocks and umbrellas in the two coves of Punta Larga.

The beaches of Alcalde, Olegario, Charco de Graciliano, La Arena in Las Caletillas and Chovito will be closed.

On Granadilla beaches, showers and footbaths will be closed and hammocks and umbrellas will not be able to be used. The rescue security service will continue to be available, which will be from 10.00 to 3.00, in addition to intensifying police surveillance. In El Médano, walking and sports, such as nautical sports are allowed for federation and professionals, in the established sections.

In Arona, Las Vistas, Los Cristianos and Las Galletas will open from 10.00 to 6.00. To control capacity and safety distance, three zones are established. One for use by a single person, another for couples and groups of three or four and another for families of more than five. There will be a specific space for seniors and people with functional diversity and mobility problems.

Capacity will be limited, being controlled by a single entrance and exit. It will be obligatory to bring a personal towel and no bucket and spade, ball games or mats will be allowed. Sunbed and umbrella services will not be opened, nor will showers, but urinals will. It is forbidden to bring food or drinks.

Something similar will happen in Adeje, where the beaches of La Enramada and Playa Fañabé will be open, while the others will depend on their concessions.

The beaches of Guía de Isora are open with a protocol established for the small and large beaches of Playa San Juan and the coves, beach and natural pools of La Jaquita and Pris de Alcalá.

In order to comply with health regulations, access and capacity will be controlled by the lifeguards and to reinforce control and information, the Local Police will increase its presence in bathing areas. Once the beaches reach capacity, they will be closed. Showers will remain closed and the sand will be cleaned in the morning and in the afternoon depending on the tides. Sports, professional or recreational activities are allowed as long as they can be carried out individually and without physical contact, allowing a minimum distance of two meters between participants.

We must not forget that although in Phase 2 we can enjoy the beach, bathers must make responsible use of the beach and comply with the recommendations established by the health authorities.

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From tomorrow

An order published on Saturday in The Official State Gazette (BOE) from the Ministry of Health sets the conditions for phase 2 of the de-escalation that will be starting on Monday on the island of La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Gomera.

The order also eases some restriction measures in Phase 1

Commerce. The order allows retail and service establishments and commercial premises to open even if they exceed 400 square meters, providing they limit the space that is open to the public to that maximum limit.

– The order also states sales can now be carried out by commercial establishments (accompanied by measures designed to ensure that there are no crowds). If these rules are not complied with, businesses must stop immediately.

– Hunting and sport fishing. Hunting, sport and recreational fishing are permitted.


Employment and concentration of people. The order continues to recommend teleworking.

 Freedom of movement and social contact. The order relaxes the measures that affect circulation, attendance at funerals, (maximum 25 people outdoors and 15 indoors) burials and places of worship (50% of capacity) and weddings will be allowed for a limited number of attendees. (100 outdoors and 50 indoors)

Autonomous Communities may authorise visits by a family member to sheltered and residential centres for people with disabilities as long as they do not have confirmed cases of COVID-19 or there are residents in quarantine. They must make an appointment and a maximum of one person per resident can attend.

Commerce. Shopping centres may reopen (total capacity 30% and the use of common recreation areas or rest areas is not allowed) parks may reopen and restaurant businesses, except nightclubs and nightlife bars, may reopen to the public for consumption on the premises.

The total capacity of the retail trade will be 40% and they must guarantee hours of service with priority service for those over 65 years of age.

Open-air markets may increase from 25% to a third of their usual authorised sellers and limits customers to ensure the maintenance of the social distance of two meters.

– Hotels and tourist accommodation. The public areas of hotels and tourist accommodation may be reopened. Establishments intended for cultural events and shows must limit to one-third of their capacity and under security measures. Each establishment must determine the capacity of the different common spaces, as well as those places where events can be held.

Animation activities or group classes must be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of twenty people.

– Hospitality. Can reopen to the public to consume within the premises of the hotel or restaurant establishments, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars, with a capacity of 40%.

Consumption within the premises may only be done sitting at a table and preferably by prior reservation. In no case will self-service at the bar by the customer be accepted.

The conditions for terraces remain the same as those set on May 9th.

Culture. Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and similar spaces can resume their activity with pre-assigned seats and a limit of one-third of capacity and a maximum of fifty people.

Online sale of tickets is recommended and the provision of complementary services is allowed such as a cafeteria or the like.

In the case of outdoor activities, the public must remain seated, keeping the necessary distance and may not exceed a third of the original capacity and is limited to 400 people.

The order also sets out conditions for exhibition halls, exhibition centres, monuments and other cultural facilities. The capacity is one-third of normal conditions to avoid crowding.

Libraries may host activities in the room as long as one-third of the capacity is not exceeded.

– Sport. People up to 70 years of age are allowed to practice sports at any time, except the specific time periods determined for walks by the elderly.

Training in non-professional and professional leagues and the reopening of indoor sports facilities and swimming pools for sports are arranged by hourly shifts and by appointment.

Groups can carry out active and nature tourism activities but are limited to 20 people.

The order states that the Higher Sports Council will decide the number of people who will be able to access stadiums and pavilions in which professional competitions take place.

– Recreational pools. Will have a maximum of 30% of the facility’s capacity and by appointment.

Beaches. Sports, professional or recreational activities are allowed as long as they can be carried out individually and without physical contact, with a minimum distance of two meters between participants.

Congresses. Meetings, business meetings and conferences are permitted in congress halls, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and other similar establishments. The maximum capacity is 50 attendees and non-attendance participation is urged.


The order dictates that the municipal, regional or special police services, each within the scope of its powers, will be in charge of monitoring compliance with the measures and sanctioning procedures.

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Clarity on who can enter Spain (Tenerife)

This morning I shared a post from N332 I also answered a comment in a group that I belong to saying ‘Tenerife South Airport is now included in the list of airports where international flights can land.’

Needless to say, since then I have been inundated with… what does it mean, can I now come to Tenerife.

The simple answer to those who are UK residents is NO!

Unless you are…

  • A Spanish National
  • A legal resident and have on you your original Certificado de Registro (known to many as Green card/paper)
  • A cross border worker which you won’t be because we don’t have borders with anywhere this is only valid for mainland Spain where it joins Gibraltar.
  • A healthcare professional involved with the outbreak.
  • An importer of essential goods, or
  • Someone who can prove they have an essential reason to be in the country.

The form that I shared, see link and sample above, will need to be completed at some stage before entering the country, possibly even before getting on the plane and once you land you will need to self-quarantine for 14 days. This is likely to be checked (as it probably won’t apply to thousands of people) based on the information you provide.

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Normality slowly returns and its exciting.

I am feeling rather excited, not only have Jim and I been able to have a nice morning walk in this beautiful weather for the past two days, but we are now at the stage where we can perhaps slowly start to look human again.

I was pleased to get an appointment for my nails to be done with Beccy on Thursday, they needed doing the first day after the confinement started and so it will be around 12 weeks since they were last properly looked after.  I will leave it to your imagination what state they are in.

While you are at it, you can also picture my hair. All the blonde has gone! I walk past the mirror and wonder who the grey-haired old lady is. I last saw my hairdresser in February, had it trimmed really short and was planning on the colour being done in March. But as everyone knows that wasn’t possible. As soon as I heard of Phase Ø I made a call to Jodi for when she starts working again and I think for as long as the lockdown continues, be that another 4, 6, 8 weeks whatever, I will stick with the natural look even though I hate it and save the pennies for when ‘normal’ normality returns as opposed to ‘new normality’ and by then I can rethink, although I don’t think there is much doubt about which way I will decide to go.

Jim is OK though, he has made an appointment with Julio, so come tomorrow evening he will look like the cat’s whiskers.

With all this bragging about trips out is it legal?

Of course, I would never knowingly do anything illegal. From tomorrow, small businesses, if they wish, can open but only under strict circumstances. This means they will be required to keep the distancing rules and be by appointment only, with limitations on one customer to one staff member. Also from tomorrow restaurants may offer takeaways rather than just deliveries. I am hoping Sher y Punjab will be open as I really miss their curries. However, Commercial Centres won’t be able to reopen even in Phase 1 which we should reach on 11th May.

Other than that we still remain under lockdown, the same specific justifiable reasons we had way back on 14th March (shopping, chemists, work etc) still continue only now we can enjoy a walk or some exercise in specific time slots each day. And although it is only a LITTLE freedom, most people are appreciating it and respecting the rules. 🙂

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