Mueca International Festival of Street Art

The Mueca Festival is already gearing up for its next edition. The art show in the streets of Puerto de la Cruz will be held from 12th to 15th May.


In November when registration opened 201 applications were received, more than half of them from outside the archipelago: countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Chile, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and Argentina, and since then more have joined the event.

The best performers, from all over the world display their talents during the festival. For several days, the streets of Puerto de la Cruz are filled with eye-catching art. Since 2000 the resorts has strived to become the largest open air theatre in the world and has been successful as the event is now a major cultural landmark and one of the most popular events on the island.

Theatre, dance, circus, music, comedy, and storytelling are the main artistic disciplines. Jugglers, comedians, acrobats, and courageous tightrope walkers on almost invisible cables complete a programme suitable for all tastes and all audiences. All to the beat of music played by well-known local groups.

Thousands of people (last year 70,000) attended the four-day Festival. Not understanding the language presents no barriers, Mueca is truly international entertainment and perfect for the whole family.

If you are in Puerto de la Cruz, make yourself at home and join in the open-air fun.

Images : Mueca Festival Facebook
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Things to do in Tenerife in May 2016

What to Expect

In the south of Tenerife, the daily average temperatures increase as the month progresses, to around 26°C with the odd high of 30°C and evening temperatures tend to stay around 20°C so at last the light scarf or cardi can be abandoned. In the north, temperatures are coming more into line with the south of the island as averages reach 23°C and lows are around 17°C.



Fiestas de la Cruz the Fiestas start with cultural and sporting events and these are followed by a fireworks display considered one of the biggest in the Canary Island between Calle del Medio and Called del Sol   (When 2nd and 3rd May, Where Los Realejos)


Wine and jazz concerts next performance is Havana Vives. Tickets are €10 at the Casa del Vino and include a glass of wine and a discount in the restaurant (When 6th May, Where Casa del Vino)

The Hole 2 !  The  show  keeps the spirit and format of its older brother,  the coolest, sensual and fun show. (When 10th to 29th May, Where: next to Recinto Ferial,  Santa Cruz – tickets €17.50)

Estopa The Cornella Brothers visit Tenerife with their new album and before thousands of fans to deliver a powerful, rocker and rumbero concert as only they know how. (When: May 7 Where: Sports Pavilion Santiago Martin, La Laguna Ticket Sales)

Mueca 201 6, the annual international festival, when the town’s streets are filled with art, music, dance, even a fire and water spectacular in the Lago Martiánez. (When between 12 and 15 May, Where Puerto de la Cruz)

Romeria de la Virgen de Fatima The image of the virgin is paraded around Arona and carried to Mirador de la Centinela, accompanied by floats and folk groups. There is a feast, after which music and dancing begin in the town square. (When 13th May, Where Arona).

Artisan/Craft Fair This is a great chance to purchase unique handicrafts and souvenirs from over 100 local trades people.  (When 13th – 17th May, Where Plaza Espana in Adeje town)

Festival San Isidro la Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. His icon is paraded through the streets (When 15th May, Where San Isidro) also in Los Realejos on 15th and 29th May

Binter Nightrun the first edition of this nocturnal race will pass through 5km of city streets, starting and finishing in Avenida Francisco La Roche full information from Website (When 21st May, Where Santa Cruz)

Jethro Tull a British progressive rock band that has sold over 60 million copies of his albums appears in Tenerife. (When 20th May, Where Piramides de Arona, Las Americas)

ALADDIN AND THE TANGLED GENIE –  Family musical (When 22nd May, Tickets from Box Office 10-12 €  Where Guimerá Theatre Santa Cruz)

XVIII International Environmental Film Festival FICMEC 2016 returns with the theme “Time to think”  laden with social and environmental content. (When 24-30 May Where Garachico)


SYMPHONIC of PINK FLOYD , a spectacle by a cast of extraordinary and international  singers accompanied by the One World Symphonic Orchestra and Rock Band who have worked with artists like Simple Minds, George Michael, Chris Rea, Mike Oldfield, Rick Wakeman, Robin Beck, etc., come together to continue the legend, interpreting the band’s biggest symphonic rock history. Tickets from €40 at box offic or (When 8.30 each evening 27th,  29th May, Where Guimerá Theatre)

Día de Canarias is celebrated on May 30th and is a public holiday throughout the Canary Islands so many shops and businesses may be closed.

Mountain Race IV K-21 La Guancha through both urban and forest areas follow link  for all info.  (When 30th May Where La Guancha)

Insomnia – Tenerife’s biggest and best boat party returns for the 2016 season with a bang. Sailing twice per week from Puerto Colon featuring the best in house music, tropical vibes and a free bar.

Medano Live After the success of Red Jazz Festival 2015, Medano Live has been organised for 2016. All concerts are free and more information can be obtained from

14 and 21 May, will take place on Red Jazz III Festival – 14 concerts.
October 7 and 26 November, the Cycle of Music – 18 concerts.

And from 2 to 17 December 2016, the Jazz Festival – 6 concerts.

Image / Mark Thornton – Festival Jazz Roja 2015, Noviembre, Plaza Roja, El Médano

Whilst these are some of the most interesting events, there is an overwhelming amount of activities on Tenerife each month. Click on the links below to see what is happening elsewhere.

Tenerife – Attractions

Tenerife offers a wealth of attractions follow the LINK to get just a few ideas.

Tenerife – Tours

Guided tours both free and private as well as numerous excursions are available throughout the year.  For a few ideas follow the link to Tenerife Tours and Days Out

Tenerife – Sporting Activities

Year round temperatures averaging 22 degrees combined with a low level of rainfall provide an ideal climate for outdoor ventures. Whether on land, at sea or in the skies, Tenerife provides outdoor adventure for all types of travellers. Check them out HERE

Tenerife – Markets

Everyone loves a market and the island is home to a wealth of covered, outdoor and street markets. Many specialise in a particular type of goods while others selling the same product move from site to site. Most open early in the morning and close early afternoon. Follow this link for a list of Tenerife Markets

Tenerife – Museums

The museums of Tenerife are accessible to all sections of the community regardless of limited mobility or communication. Follow the link to find a comprehensive list of Tenerife – Museums

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The beautiful Tajinaste

Spring is a good time to visit any place, but spring in Tenerife is the best time to admire a native plant of the island, the spectacular Tajinaste. The name, perhaps unfamiliar to many, means spire or tower in guanche, the language of the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands, but most people who visit Las Cañadas del Teide National Park will recognise the plant. It is found in large numbers on the slopes, in the ravines and along the roads leading to Mount Teide.

Photo by Jesus Domingo Perez Glez, winner of YAHOO PICTURE OF THE DAY (June 3, 2014)

Its scientific name, Echium wildpretii, was given by British botanists Henry Harold Welch Pearson and Joseph Dalton Hooker in honour of the Swiss horticulturist, Hermann Wildpret who lived in La Orotava during the nineteenth century

After a cold winter, Mother Nature captivates with an explosion of beauty. Come May it is like being in a different galaxy. The tajinaste sends up long spikes of spectacular red flowers that can grow to three metres. A truly unique display of intense colour as the flowers flood the scree and rocky debris where this species lives, to provide a stunning landscape that delights visitors to these Fortunate Islands. Its rich sweet pollen attracts honeybees making the plant a major source of Tenerife honey.

Teide National Park
Image Roselinde  Tenerife Parque Nacional de Teide

Animals that live in the park do not threaten the plants, but it is susceptible to other predators. Often people steal the tajinastes to plant in their gardens which is a waste of time as the plant is so delicate it will die within hours of being picked. Instead, we should perpetuate this wonder, and care for the environment so that we can enjoy this true indigenous species of Tenerife, next year.

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Brighton was the Best

I think the countryside that surrounds Brighton is beautiful. The fields are rolling and green, the Downs are undulating and the woods are as thick as any English forest – and the town itself …

At first sight, Brighton looks like many of those bucket-and-spade seaside resorts. A wide, sweeping promenade runs along the front although the beach is bereft of the real deal – sand. Opposite, is an endless line of souvenir shops, slot machine arcades, and fast-food eateries. However, unlike some towns while Brighton has moved with the times it has retains its historic heritage.

Tourists flocked to see the landmarks, the Pier, the Royal Pavilion and Roedean School.

Contrary to popular belief, there is only ONE pier. The West Pier came a cropper one rainy night in 2002, caught fire in 2003, and was finally demolished in 2010. The one remaining ain’t no ‘picture postcard‘ and during the week is the domain of the elderly waiting for ‘the inevitable’. At weekends, it is home to an army of hens and stags and lest we forget, the pier’s permanent residents, scores of kamikaze seagulls, swoop down in the hope of pinching your overpriced chips.

Everyone loves the Lanes the warren of small streets chocka with slightly pretentious and overprice antique shops, but still worth a visit. Then there is The Laines, packed with quirky, kooky, and unconventional shops. It’s an area where hordes of tourists mix with aging Punks, Goths, and kids slim enough to wear skinny jeans.

The town has been a magnet for filmmakers and classics such as Brighton Rock and Quadrophenia were made here. Probably because of this, several screen legends call Brighton home: Simon Callow, Amanda Redman, Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook and Denise van Outen are just a handful of recognisable faces who flit through the streets.

Despite the purpose of our journey being to see the Pioneer Run, and my general thought on motorbikes, I was looking forward to this part of our trip with enthusiasm. Seeing the bikes was like walking into an outdoor museum. More than 300 machines travelled from Epsom to Brighton, some romping home while others finally limped along Marina Drive. I was surprised at just how enjoyable it all was. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, the bikes fascinating and it was interesting to see the transition from bicycle to motorbike. I even managed a photo with Sammy Miller .

Overall, our jaunt to the UK was a success, we enjoyed Dorset, could have given Bournemouth a miss, but for me, despite the freezing cold day Brighton was the best. It encapsulates what Britain is all about ethnic, eye-catching, exciting, and alternative.

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The Monopol Hotel – Puerto de la Cruz

A regular question on TripAdvisor is where to stay in Puerto de la Cruz.

I have said many times that I don´t like high-rise hotels, so when I stay in the resort, I always head for the Monopol Hotel. It isn´t because as returning guests you get complimentary flowers or if you prefer, wine, it is because it is full of character and old world charm, is traditional, looks very pretty with its fresh hibiscus flowers along the front steps and is in a great location.


The hotel is centrally placed in the pedestrian and picturesque old square. It is right next to the harbour, opposite the church and just a few minutes’ walk to the old town and the Lido.

The outside of the building has Canarian wooden balconies. Inside there is an atrium surrounded by palm trees, tropical plants, and creepers. As you look up to the floors above you can admire the hand carved verandas. All of the public areas are decorated with fresh flowers – around statues, ornaments, even along the back of the sink in the ladies loos (can´t speak for the gents). These continue up the steps leading to the bars, restaurants and of course the front door of the hotel.

The hotel facilities include two bars and a modern restaurant. There is a heated swimming pool, a whirlpool and sauna, table tennis and patio chess, even a book swap corner with books in several languages, mainly English and German. Evening entertainment is also on offer, but this, like high-rise hotels is a pet hate of mine so we always give it a miss.

The rooms while basic and dated suit our needs. They are spotlessly clean, good value with comfortable beds, plenty of hot water and thick fluffy towels. There is a TV for those who want it as well as a fridge and you can ask for a kettle if you can´t do without your morning cuppa. The nicest rooms have balconies overlook the square but these can be rather noisy, especially on a Sunday morning when the church bells start to chime.

We always book B&B because the breakfast are great. You can choose from a huge selection of cheeses and cold meats, fresh fruits, cereals, juices, cakes and breads as well as the hot plate that is constantly refilled with bacon, sausage, fried and scrambled eggs, beans, tomatoes and decent coffee and should you be staying on a Sunday, there is Cava.

Prices are unbelievable, staff are friendly and helpful, and many have been there for years. I am not sure why the hotel is only rated as a 3 star because it is very popular, particularly with those of us living on the island.

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