REMINDER : Continue to Register on the Padrón

The weather on Tuesday was beautiful which was great, as we had to go into Los Cristianos to renew our registration on the Padrón, something that needs to be done every two years.

Armed with a bag full of paperwork we hit the office at the side of the Culture Centre at just before 11.00am and it was empty. Chose ‘formalities’ from the ticket machine and were issued with D110. As it happened before we got our bums on seats, D109 was coming out and our number flashed to say we should go to desk 11.


We trotted up and asked the young lady in our best Spanish ¿Habla inglés? to which she answered ¿Hablas español? We smiled un poco, she smiled and repeated un poco también.

So we proceeded with we wish to renew staying on the Padron and handed her our NIE. She tapped a couple of keys on her computer and told us the address she had for us. She then printed off a form confirming we are still in the land of the living and we would also be included on the electoral register should we like to vote when elections came around.

That was it all done and dusted in less than 10 minutes. Now a couple of weeks ago we walked in on the off chance and were told we needed a utility bill, our NIE, passports and escritura. Today, we just needed to say we are still here. Nevertheless, whatever you are asked to take, take it along, as being registered is important and renewing your registry every 2 years is also important.

So that’s us up to date until 2019.

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See the need, not the cause

For many of us living on this beautiful island is like being in paradise, yet there are times when we moan because we don´t always get what we want. However, consider this… There are people who will never have what you have right now.

What happens to those who have no work and only receive enough money from social services to pay their rent, water and electricity, but not enough for them to eat? Worse still, what about those who get no benefits and end up sleeping on the floor of a friend’s room or live on the beach.

There is a non-profit organisation in El Fraile, called “La Buena Estrella”. It is the first and only social dining room feeding the homeless and disadvantaged in the south of the island. Since opening in November 2014 when they had 15 users attending each day for lunch that number has now more than doubled with over 40 people attending daily – these include families with children, grandparents and young people.

Until recently, I didn’t know about this place and I suspect there are many like me who don´t know about it either. These guys rely 100% on donations and there is an ongoing and immediate need for items such as; tinned food, milk, bread, pasta, nappies, hygiene products (tooth brushes/paste, shower gel etc.). They also accept clothing and items of furniture and help the needy with medicines. If you feel you can help in any way, donations can be dropped off directly at the centre in El Fraile between 10:30am and 3pm Monday to Saturday (Calle Fuerteventura 83, El Fraile – opposite La Caixa bank) or at one of the following drop off points;

– Winter Gardens bowling office (Golf del Sur ) between 9am & 5pm,
– Island Village Reception (beside Iceland supermarket, Torviscas Alto)
– Cinderella´s Boutique – CC San Sebastia, La Caleta.


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What to see in Puerto de la Cruz?

Puerto de la Cruz is a ‘cosmopolitan town full of culture‘ the phrase often used on TripAdvisor when trying to convince tourist the north of the island is where they should be. The words “Tenerife” and “culture” are not natural bedfellows. What normally springs to mind when most people think of Tenerife is sun, sand and sangria.

So what is Puerto de la Cruz?

In my opinion, Puerto has retained a flavour seen in many fishing villages on Tenerife. It is constantly trying to adapt to tourism thereby, losing a certain authenticity but in return, it gains with improved facilities such as hotels and restaurants.

When there I enjoy the different areas. I often start in Plaza del Charco with a coffee, in the shade of the trees. It has entertainment in the evening but it is quite awful. Dotted around the edge are a number of bars and restaurants not only local but pizzerias, burgers and German food. We never eat here, despite the best efforts of the PRs to entice us in – they try hard and are on commission so you can’t blame them. For something a little more to our taste we dive deep into the Ranilla district and C/ Mequinez. In this charming area, you’ll find old premises dating back from when the town was nothing but a port.

Plaza del Charco

Leaving the square I head to the Plaza Europa, old harbour and popular little beach. On the harbour side is the Customs House founded in 1620 – it is the oldest building in Puerto. Today it is an art museum, there is also a café. At the rear, the remains of the Batería de Santa Bárbara still exist with steps leading down to the water. The Batería was a small fort that centuries ago defended the city from attack by sea. It housed four canons but unfortunately, hardly anything remains although it is a good place to watch the harbour activity.

From Plaza Europe walk to Paseo San Telmo, the promenade that links the old town to the new. It is very touristy with its array of ice cream parlours, electrical stores, jewellery and gift shops that the town is full of. If anything it is more touristy since the renovations, but it retains a unique beauty as the turbulent sea washes the rocks below.


You pass the Chapel of San Telmo, before heading to Lago Martiánez, a nice addition for people who don’t have access to a pool or don’t want to use the black beaches. In the lido are waterfalls and a giant fountain. The pools are filled from the sea, that is just over the wall, and levels rise and falls with the tide. It is all extremely clean, you can hire sunbeds and sunshades and there are places to buy food but you can’t take your own in.


What else is there to do?

I would recommend Taoro Park for the best views. It is above the town but for many, the walk up could be difficult so unless you have a car take a taxi, which is cheap. There are plenty of plants and trees to see as you saunter down the steps and walkways, it takes about 15 minutes to walk down and enjoy the view.

Taoro Park (2)

There are also the Botanical Gardens naturally Loro Parque everyone’s favourite and at one time a favourite of mine too, and El Monasterio for a meal with a difference.

So that’s my take on Puerto, not a lot of culture, quite a lot of tourist trappings but tourists are the lifeblood of the island – like all of our resorts, it is far from perfect, but then where is?

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What is a Romeria?

Islanders look forward to their ‘romerias’, they are part of Canary culture, a time when colour and joy fill the streets of towns and villages. They are usually in honour of some saint who has either helped the locals with the harvest, or delivered them from a plague, or some such. These festivities succeed each other throughout the entire year, and each municipality has its own ‘romeria’ so you are sure to enjoy one wherever and whenever you are staying in Tenerife.

Everyone is dressed in their local Canarian costumes to celebrate an event they have been looking forward to all year and spend a day full of local music, tradition, and religious fervour.


Carts roll by laden with papas arrugadas, boiled eggs, and other traditional foods even joints of pork and beef, all washed down with local wines that are happily shared with locals and visitors alike. However, you can´t be shy you have to push your way to the front like a veteran partygoer.


During the festivities, there are demonstrations of the old traditions such as threshing, folk sports like Canarian wrestling, and plenty of handicrafts, which include wickerwork, pottery, embroidery, and lace, work.


A few of the most popular romerias are Our Lady of Candelaria (Candelaria), Romería de San Sebastián (Adeje Town) , Fuegos de Mayo, (Los Realejos) with its famous firework and of course, the Fiestas de San Juan  that take place across the island to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve.

A romeria is an important part of the ‘real’ Tenerife, the perfect blend of tradition and devotion, so when you are on the island, join in the fun and experience something different.


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Lucas Maes – Puerto de la Cruz

We first went to Lucas Maes shortly after we had moved to the island and long before I had a blog. So while having a short break in Puerto de la Cruz and being influenced by fading memories and good reviews we decided to have lunch in what is often described as “a magical secret corner on the island”. Owned by husband and wife team, Lucas Maes trained in some of the best Michelin star kitchens in France and Belgium and Susana Gallardo, is in front of house.

The Canary-Belgian restaurant is in a restored mansion on a slip road off the busy junction of the TF-5. Once inside the subtle lighting, high ceilings and original woodwork give it an old-fashioned charm making it feel elegant and relaxed. By contrast, the artwork is pretentiously modern.

We had booked a late lunch on the terrace because we had our two dogs with us. From here you can enjoy the views over banana plantations and down to the coast of Puerto de la Cruz. We were one of only two couples eating. The menu is interesting, featuring local produce and I was looking forward to seeing the shapes as well as tasting the innovative culinary offerings.

We munched on the spreads and different coloured breads, while we waited for our food.


I had crispy langoustine salad. I was not overly impressed, the seafood tasted as expected but there was such a heap of leaves although they were well seasoned and the salad dressing was good it was just ‘too much green’. OH had the prawn, lobster and mushroom ravioli. It was a little cold and whilst I’m not usually a tough food critic, after pinching a forkful, I found the pasta strangely sweet but overall a tasty combination.

If we had had slightly more attentive service we may have gone for dessert, I rather fancied the banana, toffee mousse but we didn’t have all day to linger over lunch.

So the good and the bad. We were, to say the least particularly underwhelmed with the service. With so few people, I felt it could have been considerably better. The staff were rather aloof and their demeanour gave the impression they had better things to do (like pinging their braces) than wait on a couple of tables. The food presentation was lovely but some of it didn’t quite hit the mark I had anticipated. I doubt for the price I will be rushing to return.

Since our visit, I have learnt that Lucas Maes is no longer at the restaurant although his wife is. It has a new name, and possibly a new owner. I just hope that whoever has it now will give the waiting staff the sharp kick up the backside that they need.

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