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Royal Beach Restaurant – Puerto Colon

It has taken a little while to get round to writing this as I find it difficult when friends are staying to sit down, get brain into gear and start writing. However with Carol staying for a couple of weeks we … Continue reading

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Day Trip to La Gomera

I’ve been asked numerous times about La Gomera, but despite being able to see its impressive silhouette from my patio, I have only ever been once. I can´t give any specific information other than what I gleaned on a day … Continue reading

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Do not forget your EHIC

Your holidays are booked and you are looking forward to the adventure, but what if you suddenly need medical help. Don’t forget as an EU citizen, (at least for the time being) if you unexpectedly fall ill during a temporary … Continue reading

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Hawkstone Follies

As mentioned several times on this blog we usually go to the UK in the spring. Following last year’s jaunt to Dorset when we visited Bournemouth, Shaftesbury and Weymouth I was planning this year to take a closer look at … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage of San Isidro (Los Realejos)

The first pilgrimage to San Isidro took place in Los Realejos in 1676 when country people made an offering to their patron saint. The tradition continues today and floats, some drawn by oxen but mostly built on trucks, parade through … Continue reading

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